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Spartan Race

Spartan Race is the World’s Best Obstacle Course Race with varying race difficulties for beginners and elite runners to challenge themselves and to test their limits. Why not join an ever-growing number of racers and take on one of their three main race distances yourself in 2018?

The series includes a very accessible Sprint (5km+, 20+ obstacles), the more challenging Super (13km+, 24+ obstacles) and the legendary Beast (22km+, 30+ obstacles) distances.

The 2017 season was Spartan Race UK’s biggest and best to date, with record-breaking numbers of participants gathered to conquer their personal challenges. With year-on-year 40% growth in racer numbers, this is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK!

As Spartan Race UK continues to take the lead in obstacle innovation, courses and new venues, the 2018 season is looking to be the most exciting yet. There will be more races, two new venues and one new country (the series adds Ireland next year), as well as additional endurance events and Trifecta Weekends available it will keep the loyal fans and first timers alike excited and drive them to achieve their own personal goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Spartan Up in 2018 and quench your thirst for a brand new challenge and the start of letting adventure back into your life!

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the cargo nets at Spartan Race

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