Gato Sports Head Torch 10K Run

Chance to shine at Gato Sports Head Torch 10K

Night time is the right time for a 10K run around Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire and be rewarded with a unique glow in the dark medal. Enter the Gato Sports Head Torch 10K on Wednesday 4 December and experience the trails after dark...

The December run is one of three in the series organised by Big Bear Events in conjunction with event partners Gato Sports UK. There is the option to enter a single event, two or triple your enjoyment by entering all three and receive three luminous medals. Next Wednesday’s event is the first followed by the second on the 23 January 2020 and the third and final one on the 25 February 2020.

Salcey Forest is a stunning area of woodland featuring ancient trees, building remains and flora that is also home to a variety of trails. Managed by Forestry England it contains flat, well established footpaths that are ideal to run in both the daytime and evening although a headtorch is necessary for the latter!

Glow sticks and other forms of lighting are equally welcome as a means of lighting your way around a two lap, traffic-free course in the company of other like-minded people keen to experience night running. The 7pm start time is realistic for anyone wishing to do this 10K after work.

There is an illuminated medal and goodies for all runners and on the day (or night in this case) prizes from Gato Sports UK. Grounds Cafe Salcey will be open late, serving soup and hot drinks to runners and spectators. Entries close Monday night (2 December).

Sign up at Big Bear Events website.

Image courtesy of Nick Wolstenholme

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