Resolution Bingo

Fancy Some Resolution Bingo?

Will you opt for a line or a full house in January's Resolution Bingo?

Race organisers See York Run York have come up with a fantastic way for runners to add a bit of fun to their January training and to spice up their New Year resolutions for 2024. They told us: "Resolution Bingo’s main aim is to inspire you to go out, maybe try a different route, but hopefully give you a fun element to motivate you during January."

See York Run York offer everything from trail to track races and 10K's to lapped challenges. And now they can add Resolution Bingo to that list as well! The idea is simple - after entering online those taking part will be emailed a copy of the bingo card between Christmas and New Year. The 20 grid bingo card will contain a mixture of numbers and objects to tick off during January. How and when you do them is totally up to you, but you will also be provided with some hints and tips about how to collect both the numbers and objects.

Speaking about the challenge, organisers said: "Numbers will be a good mix, so if you are just starting out, numbers could be lamp posts run or minutes without stopping. More experienced runners may want to collect their numbers in miles or kilometres - whatever works for you."

The only question remaining is will you aim for a line or a full house? Everyone taking part will receive a Resolution Buff for their efforts.

If you'd like to know more visit the Resolution Bingo entry page. 

Image: See York Run York

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