Good Gym Working Hard on Merseyside

An innovative intergenerational programme that combines running with supporting older people is set to launch this Monday (26 March). Devised by GoodGym Liverpool, the scheme, which is seeking participants, will allow Mersey runners to clock up miles while supporting the local community.

Organised as part of GoodGym’s weekly group runs, runners will be able to help out by assisting older people with one off-tasks – these ‘Mission Runs’ could include tasks such as running to change a light bulb, help with some gardening, or removing furniture.

‘Coach Runs’ invites those taking part to visit an older person within their community. Over a million older people in the UK are often lonely and can often go months without seeing friends or family – the runs are therefore a way of providing 20 minutes per week with someone who will really appreciate the company.

The GoodGym team has devised a third way in which runners can assist: weekly ‘Group Runs’ helps to assist local community projects, such as planting a tree for the local park, shifting earth for a gardening job, or sorting cans for the food bank.

Ivo Gormley, founder of GoodGym, said: “GoodGym is a really easy way to integrate doing something for your community into your exercise. If you’re already running then it can only take 15 mins to change your route and drop in to visit an isolated older person.

Ivo continued: “If you’ve never really considered running before, or lack the motivation, then the community that GoodGym provides and the different reasons to run can be a really easy route in.“

To find out how you can get involved, visit the GoodGym website here.

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