Run2York Summer Virtual Series Seaside Medals

Resort to run to York in this seaside virtual series

Seaside start and city finish in the Run2York summer virtual challenge

There is a new challenge for a new month in the form of the Run2York Summer Series – Seaside Edition. Organised by See York Run York it begins on the 1 July and there is a tasty looking ice cream medal for the finishers.

The popular resorts of Saltburn, Bridlington and Blackpool are the inspiration for this series of challenges that involves running from one or all three of them to York and at a time to suit the participant. They complete the miles in their own way which can be on the road or off-road, around the garden or on a treadmill. Walking or cycling is fine as is a combination of these. 

See York Run York will send every runner a tracker for them to record their mileage along with a map and instructions. Once they have completed their challenge they email their mileage to the organisers who send a bespoke medal to them. There is no time scale for these challenges making it accessible to all.  

Bridlington to York is 43 miles; Saltburn to York is 54 miles; Blackpool to York is 91 miles and for anyone who wishes to run all three the combined total is 199 miles. 

In keeping with the community ethos, runners are invited to provide updates about their progress in the See York Run York Facebook Chat Group along with a selfie or two. They will be supported and encouraged in return.  

For more information and event entry, visit the See York Run York website.

Image courtesy: See York Run York

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