Samantha Amend at Centurion Track 100

World & national records tumble in track 100

Can you imagine running just over 402 laps of a running track? That's how far 100 miles is and Ashford's Julie Rose Stadium witnessed three world records...

The Centurion Track 100 is an elite-level event, designed for runners to compete under the fastest possible conditions, with a focus on setting records. Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford provided a welcoming oasis for 15 of the finest endurance athletes on Saturday 24 April.

If the primary objective was new records, that was certainly achieved with three world records, two national and nine age-groups best performances recorded by the small but highly successful field.

Travel restrictions and quarantine demands reduced the overseas entry to just one athlete – but what an athlete! World 24-hour champion Aleksandr Sorokin, of Lithuania, was in great shape and so determined to race hard that he used a treadmill during his UK quarantine accommodation to ensure he arrived on the start line ready for a tilt at the 100-mile WR.

Sorokin averaged an astonishing 6:45/mile to set three world records: 100 miles in 11:14:56; 150kms in 10:27:48 and 170,309.45 metres covered within 12 hours. His 50 mile halfway split of 5:32:01 was a mere national record! Sorokin returned the world 100-mile record to Ashford after almost 200 years – Edward Rayner having run 17hrs52min at Ashford way back in 1824!

Samantha Amend (Belgrave Harriers) set a British 100-mile record of 14:43:03 and a W40 6-hour best of 72,995.9m, while W45 Ali Young (Chiltern Harriers) established new age-group bests for 100 miles (15:41:17) and 12 hours (125,019.7m).

Jo Newens (Road Runners Club) achieved four new W50 marks: 100 miles (16:32:39); 50 miles (7:15:25); 12 hours (121,976.7m) and 6 hours (68,203.9m) and M55 Andy Jordan left Ashford with national age-group bests for 6 hours (78,221.95m) and 50 miles (6:11:36).

The remaining 100-mile finishers not mentioned above were Mark Innocenti (Tring RC, 12:34:51); Stephen Marks (Rugby & Northampton, 13:41:48); Grant Macdonald (M40 Garscube, 14:31:34) and Mike Bisson (M40 Bad Boy Running Club, 14:43:03).

Centurion Track 100 was promoted by Centurion Running and there is a comprehensive report with superb photos and YouTube videos available on their website 

Full results are available at Centurion Running here

Image: Samantha Amend courtesy Steve Ashworth Media

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