Medal for 31 Your Way May Virtual Challenge

Make a move this May in ‘31’ challenge for Macmillan

31 is the magic number for Step Forward with Lewis May challenge

Step Forward with Lewis has unveiled a new event for May that is a break from the norm. Instead of asking people to run, jog, walk or wheel a set distance, e.g. 5k, participants are invited to devise their own ‘31’ challenge and support Macmillan nurses.   

This latest offering from Michelle Lewis gives people something to aim for as we continue the journey out of lockdown. Live races are starting to return but her virtual runs are ideal for anyone unable or unsure about taking part and they receive a medal for their efforts. Pick a day and time to suit on a course of your own choosing and share your efforts with Michelle and her community on social media. 

This events sees participants challenge themselves based on 31 or the number of days in May. They can run 31 hours, 31 miles or 31 minutes – the first two can be broken down into smaller distances: cycle, do 31 sit ups, chin ups or press ups. Pick any activity they wish that match the days of the month, reach their goal, provide evidence and get a blooming good medal! 

As with all Michelle’s virtual events, it is open to everyone irrespective of age or ability and a percentage of the entry fees go to local and national charities. Macmillan Cancer Support are the charity for this May challenge. 

For details on how to enter, visit the Step Forward with Lewis website.

Image courtesy of Step Forward with Lewis

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