Woman running with dog in the woods

Paw Runner March virtual challenge set to be barking good fun

Runners spend quality time with their dogs as they notch up the miles

Runners and their canine companions are invited to undertake a series of challenges this March from Paw Runner. The aim is to enjoy the fresh air and exercise whilst benefitting from the positive effects this will have on physical and mental health, both of which need some TLC after the stresses of the last year. 

Paw Runner is launching a new event each month consisting of Bronze (beginners), Silver (intermediate) and Gold (advanced) challenges and participants choose one of these with the aim of progressing through these levels. For those starting out, the 50 miles walk or 26.2 miles run as part of the Bronze challenge are realistic targets whereas experts will be able to get their teeth into the 200 miles walk or 150 miles run in the Gold challenge. 

This March event is open to first time owners (as well as the more experienced) who acquired a dog during lockdown and are keen to explore new routes and get that little bit fitter at the same time. There is a selection of virtual running and walking challenges suitable for all fitness levels and breeds and at a time and pace to suit the participants. 

It works in the same way as any other virtual event. Participants pick a challenge, complete it within the allotted timescale, record it using a GPS watch or a FitBit then submit this evidence to Paw Runner. They will send out an eco-friendly, wooden medal and a handmade dog bandanna in return.    

For more information about these challenges and entry details, visit the Paw Runner website.

Image courtesy of Humphrey Muleba (from Pexels)

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