Scots to wait a little longer for the return of parkrun

Mid-August date for return of 5k events now more likely

Scottish runners looking forward to the possible return of parkrun this weekend will need to update their diaries.

The recent extension of coronavirus restrictions (or delay to relaxing the coronavirus restrictions, as you prefer) means that the free, timed 5k events won’t be returning to Scotland this Saturday (3 July) as announced earlier.

Based on the First Minister’s ‘life beyond Level 0’ announcement last week that should all people aged 40+ be fully vaccinated by 9 August almost all legal restrictions will be lifted, organisers hope that a date of Saturday 14 August for the ‘full reopening’ of Scottish 5k events will be achievable.

Currently, Level 0 restrictions – the lowest level – allow for only 500 people per ‘bubble’, making the return of some of the largest events impossible.

There is a chance, however, that parkrun may return to some of the ‘more remote’ Scottish locations already in Level 0, as the organisation considers options for reopening them individually.  But to ‘reopen fully’ across the country, parkrun needs permission for the larger events, capable of attracting more than 500 runners, to return.

In their statement parkrun said, ‘We are currently working closely with Active Scotland to fully understand the implications of [last] week’s developments, whilst continuing our work with landowners and volunteer teams, such that when the time comes we are able to reopen at the first opportunity.’

Junior parkrun returned to Scotland on Sunday, the last in the home nations to do so. Nearly 11,00 children took part in 219 events, supported by more than 4500 volunteers. 

Thirty 5k parkrun events returned to Northern Ireland on Saturday.  There is as yet no timeframe for the events to return to Wales, but a target of 24 July has been set for England.

Image: parkrun uk 

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