Lockdown continues for parkrun

In a widely anticipated announcement, parkrun has confirmed that all their events will continue to be suspended throughout May.

As some of the territories in which parkrun operates start relaxing some of the restrictions put into place to combat coronavirus, the organisation has stated it will continue to monitor the situation, and in particular, any changes to social distancing requirements.

parkrun also called for runners to be patient during what continue to be uncertain times. Even if some restrictions are eased in specific territories, it may not be immediately clear how parkruns might be safely resumed.

The organisation is adamant that they will be taking a ‘cautious approach to re-opening our events’ in all instances.

Events will only be re-opened in cases where both a country’s specific public health guidelines allow it, and where they can be confident that their volunteer teams will not be placed under strain.

parkrun said: “Due to the unprecedented nature of this challenge there is no easy way to predict or forecast how or when we might be able to start the process of re-opening. However, we continue to consult with as wide a range of specialists as possible, and to work behind the scenes such that we are ready to go when appropriate.”

In the mean time, parkrun is urging parkrunners to get involved the upcoming ‘2.6 Challenge’ in support of the UK’s charities – including parkrun UK’s official charity partner – Alzheimer’s Research UK.

All runners need to do to take part is plan an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and then do it this Sunday – what would have been the date of the 40th London Marathon.

Activities do not need to be running or sport-based, and there are no rules – apart from keeping to the Government guidelines on exercising and social distancing.

You can run a 2.6 parkrun-long (13km) relay with family members or housemates, try to peel and eat an orange in 26 seconds, take photos of 26 orange items in your house, or even juggle oranges for 26 minutes (or seconds). Every challenge, and donation, counts.

Image: parkrun UK

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