Global Marathon Relay with Kipchoge

Fancy having Kipchoge in your team?

NN Running Team launches global marathon relay

Marathon world record holder and sub-two-hour legend Eliud Kipchoge is just one of the super-elite athletes you could be teamed up with, or have to race against, in a unique global marathon relay. 

This weekend (June 6-7) will see the NN Running Team's “MA RA TH ON” worldwide virtual relay held over four stages of 10.5K for teams of men, women, or mixed gender. Runners can choose to enter as a quartet, or individually. In the latter case, they will be allocated team members from around the globe and 10 lucky teams will have a very special 'ringer'.

NN Running Team's stable of world-class athletes will be randomly included in 10 of the participating teams to spice things up. So you could find your team includes athletes of the calibre of Kipchoge; the world's second-fastest marathoner, Kenenisa Bekele, or world half marathon record holder Geoffrey Kamworor!

Perhaps the most amazing thing is this extraordinary event is free to enter. All participants must be over-18 and will require a Strava account to record their 10.5K 'leg'. To join in all you have to do is register and run your 10.5K anytime on June 6-7. Results will appear on the live leaderboard and final team positions confirmed on Tuesday 9 June.

Jos Hermens, director of the NN Running Team, said: “In a great collaboration with our title sponsor NN Group and Maurten we have been able to organise this worldwide virtual event, enabling us to spread positivity on each continent while giving people the chance to run alone, but together. We all miss the excitement of the big city marathons and hopefully, this will bring our athletes and fans together. In these difficult times, we like to challenge people to stay active and to go for a run.”     

Looking forward to the experience, Eliud Kipchoge said: “I am very excited to join someone’s team whereby we can all have a really positive experience, run towards a goal together and share stories afterwards, just like we normally would after a race together.”

You can register now at the NN Running Team website here and follow the link to the dedicated Strava connection to the event.

Image: NN Running Team

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