Run The Raid Lindisfarne Half

New Half In The North East

Get ready to Run The Raid on Lindisfarne and relive a piece of Viking history like never before...

There's a new half marathon to conquer in the north east this summer, with Fylde Coast Events announcing the arrival of the Run The Raid Lindisfarne Half on 4 August.

This thrilling new half marathon event pays tribute to the daring Viking invasion of Lindisfarne in 793AD, taking participants on a historical journey, allowing them to follow in the footsteps of these legendary Norse warriors who left an indelible mark on history.

The 13.1 miles follows a point to point route from Spittal to Holy Island. After a recent route recce, one of the race organisers had this to say: "Myself and my long suffering wife walked the whole route in 60+mph winds. Even though it was windy, the route was still impressive. If a woman who doesn't care for running can say 'if I was a runner I would love this', then it must be worth a go.

"So if you are thinking of a short break with family or simply want to run on a beautiful coastline then get signed up."

Those signing up to tackle this scenic route, will not only test their endurance but also commemorate the resilience of those who lived through an extremely tumultuous period. Final word back with the organisers: "Join us in this unforgettable event that combines athleticism and history, where every step you take becomes a step back in time."

If you'd like to know more, visit the Fylde Coast Runners website.

Image: Fylde Coast Runners

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