The beauty of Cannock Chase

Expect A Challenge At New Cannock 10

It might be a shorter distance than the Cannock 50 and 50K but it's no walk in the park...

The Cannock 10 makes its debut on Saturday 24 June at a weekend ultra organised by Big Bear Events. It’s designed for anyone wanting to experience over 1500ft of climbing via one lap only...and perhaps be tempted by the bigger distance next time.

Late June sees the Cannock 50 and 50K on a beautiful and brutal course including the infamous ‘switchbacks’ with guaranteed sore legs afterwards. Participants will complete 5 laps or 3 and a bit laps and rightly bask in the glory of their achievement.

Not everyone wants to or is able to tackle the 50s so Big Bear Events have created a shorter version involving a single lap around Cannock Chase with a generous cut off. Starting at 8.30am, it’s 10 miles with all the features of the 50 Mile and 50K – fire roads, single tracks and hills along with stunning views and well stocked aid stations. It's also friendly, inclusive and supportive as is the ethos at Big Bear Events.

Some people will put their head down and race it although a PB isn’t likely on a route which has 1640ft (500m) of elevation. The steep up and down sections and loose stones will make that a difficult task. Others may decide to take their time and enjoy the run as there is plenty of time in which to do so.

Cannock Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and ideal for races of all distances. The 10 mile offers a taste of these trails at a well organised event with a medal plus drink and flapjack as a reward.

(There is the option to plant a tree instead of having the finish line merchandise at time of entry).

Sign up for a single lap at the Cannock 10 page, Big Bear Events website.

Image courtesy of Steph Attenborough.

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