Runner in a Mizuno top

Mizuno: Giving You The Power To Perform

Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Mizuno has a long and distinguished heritage of producing technical and high performance equipment. The brand was also responsible for the World's first ever sports research and development laboratory which opened in 1938. Since those days, running has developed into Mizuno's biggest sport and a passion for technological advancements and improved performance is clear to see in their comprehensive range of running shoes.

Today Mizuno is focused on providing athletes with the #PowerToPerform. They understand that you are striving for a personal best performance – be that in training or on race day. They also understand that a personal best can only be achieved when harmony exists between runner and brand.

And this is a brand that just ‘gets’ what you need, and is willing to go the whole distance to make sure you get it - testing and re-testing products, tiring professionals and exhausting new materials; the end result is an unashamedly technical product which strives to give you the power to perform.

There is no doubt that Mizuno is a brand with technical expertise at its core, the result of which are performance shoes and apparel that act as an extension of yourself, enabling you to perform to the very best of your ability. You could say that these guys have run your race already; they’ve sussed your local training route; they’ve even second-guessed your goals. All to give you the #PowerToPerform; the rest, as they say, is up to you.

To find out more about Mizuno visit the Mizuno website.

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