Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend medals 2020Image: Nice Work

Mid Sussex Marathon in virtual segments

Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend goes virtual for 2020

The 9th Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend 2020 should have been completed on Spring Bank Holiday Monday (25 May) but Covid-19 put paid to the mass event. Instead, organisers Nice Work came up with a unique virtual event and stackable, 3D medals for runners to collect.

Entries are open for additional competitors who are invited to join the regulars in a leisurely virtual event that can be completed any time until Wednesday, 1 July (entries close 28 June). 

The standard event comprises three runs on three days in three Sussex towns, adding up to a full marathon. The bespoke medals carry an image from each race location – Burgess Hill, East Grinstead and Haywards Heath – and the medals combine to form the composite image that features in the specially struck fourth medal, awarded for completing all three distances in these unprecedented circumstances. 

In a relaxation of the format for the virtual event, runners can choose their start line, time, date and distances to qualify for either the new Mid Sussex Half Marathon or traditional Marathon medal. So how does it all work?

MSMW2020 Virtual Race opened on 23 May and will close on 1 July. Runners have up to 40 days to complete whichever challenge they choose. For example, complete two 5 miles and one 5K for the half marathon; two 10 miles and one 10K for the marathon or even go full fat with six runs to qualify for both medals!

Of course, each race can be entered individually, and you can choose your virtual location to bag the medal you prefer. This might be a good option for anyone who has taken up running since the lockdown, so perhaps completing a virtual Burgess Hill 5K would be a just reward for your recent hard work.  

This is one of the most flexible virtual events we have seen, with options from 5K to the marathon (and a half) plus beautiful medals in the post to remember these extraordinary times. Every performance will be entered onto the leader board and there is the opportunity to engage with fellow competitors through the dedicated MSMW2020 Facebook page here. 

For event and entry details visit the MSMW2020 website here or Nice Work here

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