Maverick Original Dorset

Maverick by name; safety by nature

The outdoors awaits for trail runners in Dorset

Wilkswood Farm, near Swanage, is the original competitive home of Maverick Race, so perhaps it was the obvious venue to trial new COVID-secure arrangements as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic restrictions that have forced all running events into hibernation. 

Maverick Race's strapline: “The outdoors awaits”, could not be more apt as the community of trail runners waits patiently for the starting klaxon to be sounded in a real race once again. Maverick Race is led by Co-Directors Ben MacWilliam and Justin Bufton, who met working at UK Cycling Events and turned a shared love for trail running into a successful business. Seven years later and there is a packed fixture list of races and training camps in some of the most spectacular scenery at home and abroad.   

Maverick Adidas Terrex Dorset Original trail race is the less than succinct name for the event due on Saturday 15 August that Maverick Race hopes will reboot the competitive calendar. Three routes are available on the rugged Jurassic coastline, offering unsurpassed trail experiences of 8K, 16K or 24K, with new courses that offer even more elevation than previous iterations.  

They may be Maverick by name but safety is paramount at all trail events and never more so than at present. The COVID-19 event procedures in place include mandatory face masks for the venue and hand sanitiser to be brought by all competitors; four start time slots, with a 15 seconds gap between each runner; half-hour number collection window; start and finish at separate locations within the Event Village and a personal drinks cup per athlete.

It may not be racing as we know it, Jim, but it's a start and perhaps it won't be too long before we are back to the friendly, relaxed camaraderie that trail running, in particular, is rightly renowned for. Just to whet your appetite for the 'old normal' that we all hope to see again very soon, here is a short promotional film by Maverick Race.     

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