Alan Turing

Clubs vie for Turing Trophy at Manchester Half Marathon

As part of their drive to become the UK’s most inclusive mass participation event, organisers of the Manchester Half Marathon have announced that the winning running club on Sunday 14 October will be awarded the Turing Trophy.

Turing, considered to be the father of modern computing and artificial intelligence, was prosecuted for his homosexuality, which at that point was illegal under the then Labouchere Amendment.

During World War II, Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park on the problem of the German Enigma machine, and devised the Bombe, which became one of the primary mechanisms for solving Enigma-protected message traffic.

Remarkably, Turing found time to become an extremely impressive marathon runner. In 1947, he finished fifth in the British National Marathon Championships with a time of 2:46:03, which, to put in context, was only ten minutes slower than the 1948 Olympic marathon winning time.

By championing a positive outlook with pride for this year’s event, the winning team at the Manchester Half will be the first lucky recipients of the Turing Trophy. Further information, including registration details, are available here.

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