Malvern Buzzards ladies win the team 6-8 race at Joust 2021

Malvern Buzzards women on point at Joust 2021

Ladies 8 won the 24 hour team event.

It was a successful day (and ‘knight’) for Malvern Buzzards RC at Joust 24Hr and 12Hr event on 4-5 September. Their ladies were victorious in the team 6-8 competition and the men earned their spurs in the Solo Male as both sexes, literally, went the extra mile.

Malvern Buzzards RC took on the multi-lap Joust 24Hr and 12Hr from Ultra Running Ltd, held at Top Barn Farm in Worcester. The event was open to solo men/women and teams of 2, 3-5 and 6-8 who completed 5.56 mile loops on a well marked and marshalled course that included three water stations. Their quest began at 10am along this scenic route, following sections of the Severn Way to Grimley before turning and heading back to the farm via lanes, fields and footpaths. 

The weather was dry and sunny with temperatures climbing during the event making it hot and thirsty work for the runners as they ticked off the miles. Malvern Buzzards ladies looked after and supported each other as time, the heat and fatigue started to take their toll with homemade banana and walnut cake keeping energy levels up and the legs moving quicker and quicker.  

They completed 25 laps in 23:23:00 to become Team 6-8 Champions. An amazing achievement by Sarah Armstrong, Nicola Brighton, Alice Dyson, Dominique Kent, Karen Pollard, Lily Price, Ali Webb and Clare Wood. There was further support from club member Elizabeth Crosswell who ran laps with them at midnight.   

There were impressive performances by the Malvern Buzzards Solo Men. In the 24Hr, Bill Adsett ran 17 laps in 21:28:00 to become Vet Champ and 4th overall; Marc Soley ran 17 laps in 23:41:00 and 5th overall; Martin Reed-Derby ran 13 laps in 23:41:00. 

Bravo to Adam Dyson who ran 9 laps in 10:14:00 in the 12Hr. 

It was a weekend to remember where everyone’s contribution counted and a little encouragement went a long way.      

Image courtesy of Sarah Turner (Press Officer, Malvern Buzzards RC)


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