Supercharged running at the Supermile

Supermile will be worth a smile

Run your fastest mile and feel epic!

This Friday (12 August) sees the Supermile from Curly’s Athletes at Normanby Hall Country Park where people of all ages will be going flat out over this short and sharp distance. Go off like a rocket for a PB or the prized green sprinters vest.

The Supermile was welcomed back in 2021 after a Covid enforced break and was a successful evening for all concerned. The organisers are hoping for the same at this year’s event where speedy efforts are rewarded with water and cupcakes. No prize presentation although the fastest runner will be presented with a yellow vest and the best sprinter a green vest.   

Youngsters too can take part. Children aged 5 to 12 are allocated to an age group wave and these set off between 18.05pm and 18.25pm after the race briefing. Those aged 13 upwards run alongside the adults. 

If they have been inspired by the athletes in the Commonwealth Games then here is the opportunity to perform to their best in front of cheering spectators which will include their parents. 

The adult race briefing takes place at 18.30pm followed by the first of 8 waves at 18:35pm then the second at 18:50pm. The rest of the waves start every 10 minutes and increase in speed up to the final one. 

What have been the fastest times for a mile? In the 2021 event Oliver Donkin ran 4:25 and Katie Betts (junior wave 2) 5:34. There were quite a few sub-5s.

However, the event is open to everyone irrespective of their speed at this distance and the scenic grounds of Normanby Hall Country Park provide the perfect backdrop. 

Turn up, lace up and run like the wind. Then forget about the pain and savour your moment of triumph with cake. 

There is still time to enter the Supermile. For more details and how to enter, visit the Curly’s Athletes website. 

Image courtesy of Curly’s Athletes. 

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