Mad Dog 10K

Mad Dog Returns With Even Louder Bark

With plaudits including twice being voted the best 10k in the country, there’s little surprise that next weekend’s (Sunday 4 February) Mad Dog 10K will once again host a sell-out field. Indeed, when entries went live for the Southport event in October, all 3000 were snapped up within 12 minutes – demand which is the envy for many a race organiser.

Throughout its eight year history, the Mad Dog 10K has been recognised as a key event within the community and has been organised by the Southport Hesketh Round Table on a non-profit basis. Its friendly reputation has allowed for a consistent sell-out year on year and the race also boasts a higher ratio of female to male runners.

Race organiser Adrian Shandley told runABC North of the race’s genesis: “The event was founded in 2011, but had been planned since 2010, sadly during that period a member of the Round Table died, his nickname was 'Mad Dog McWade' because when he was drunk there was nothing he would not do! Since then it is taken on a life of its own and the theme has grown and grown.”

On what runners can expect come Sunday 3 February, Adrian added: “Each year the theme changes, this year it is 'Hairy Potter and the Half Bred Pup' and 2019 it will be Bark To The Future. We have live bands at every kilometre and we have a huge amount of runners who are running in fancy dress for big cash prizes.

“This year the event will be featured on Sky Sports Gamechangers programme and we hope to have a high profile athlete as race starter (TBC); last year we had Liz Yelling.”

While wind and chilly conditions are expected, the course is pancake flat and lots of fast finishes are anticipated. Keep your eye out for our race report early next month.

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