Leeds To Liverpool Canal Race

All Roads Lead To Liverpool (Or Leeds)

This canal-side race is the perfect race to test your mettle over an ultra distance...

As we approach Eurovision weekend, all roads might be considered to lead to Liverpool. But, there are other ways to reach this great northern city, and one of them is by canal path. And that's just what runners will follow when they take part in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race (LLCR), scheduled for 26 August.

From the start at Old Hall Street in Liverpool to the finish at Office Lock in Leeds, the 130 mile towpath course follows the original Leeds & Liverpool Canal which just happens to be Britain’s longest man-made waterway.

Although it passes through the heartlands of the 'Industrial North', the path is surprisingly scenic. As well as the beautiful countryside, the route features the mile long Burnley Embankment (up to 60 feet above ground level) and the amazing Bingley Five Rise staircase. Both are listed among the 'Seven Wonders of the Waterways'.

Organisers told runABC: "We welcome any old Tom, Dick or Harriet who fancies a crack at it, without any qualifying criteria or previous ultra experience; just a marathon is proof enough. A strong will and desire to give it your best shot is all that is needed.

"If you’re thinking: 'it’s a long way, I’ve never run that far before'. Well, no-one has until they give it a go! Maybe it’s just because you haven’t tried. What’s the worst than can happen? If navigation is an issue and you find it hard to follow a route, we’ve put a canal or river next to almost all of it for you to follow!"

LLCR is the last of a three race series 'The Canalslam' totalling over 400 miles. Each race can be entered as a one-off, but competitors completing all three receive a special award. As with the other two events there are no entry qualifications, but a schedule to fit a 40 hour overall time limit is required.

If you'd like to know more visit the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race website.

Image: Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race

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