It's Grim Up North Running 'Key Worker Kindness' Virtual Run

Heartfelt Run in praise of Key Workers

It's Grim Up North Running's heartfelt event shows kindness to key workers.

Runners are putting their heart and soul into this virtual event as they say ‘thank you’ to key workers for keeping the country going during the coronavirus outbreak. They complete 10K and receive three gifts in return – one of which has to be given to a key worker as an act of kindness.

Every Thursday the nation pays tribute to our key workers - clapping, cheering or banging a pan for NHS staff, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, emergency services and many others who have worked tirelessly to ensure we are safe and well. Their round-the-clock efforts are appreciated by everyone in these uncertain times as we gradually move out of lockdown.

The running community are showing their gratitude to these selfless men and women by taking part in ‘Virtual Key Worker Kindness’. It is organised by It’s Grim Up North Running (IGUN) beginning on 16 May and ends on 30 November. They will donate a third of all profits to food bank charities to help struggling families. 

It involves running a 10K in one go or in chunks and sharing their achievement on social media using the hashtags #keyworkerkindness and #gladtobegrim. Every finisher will be sent a heart-shaped medal, tote bag and chocolate with the proviso that they gift one of these to a keyworker, for example, their postman/woman as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts.

A teacher, bus driver, supermarket staff, front line health workers are amongst those who have been named as the recipients of these gifts on Facebook. 

To enter, visit the It’s Grim Up North Website.

Image courtesy It's Grim Up North Running

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