Great Scottish Run 2021

Anger as Great Scottish Run is cancelled

Scotland's biggest autumn running event has been cancelled for 2021 due to uncertainty around restrictions

Runners have reacted angrily to the cancellation of this year's Great Scottish Run due to take place in Glasgow on Sunday, October 3. Organisers have found the uncertainty around timelines and future guidance has meant it is impossible for them to plan and market an event of this size.

Great Run Chief Executive Paul Foster said: “Unfortunately, we will not be able to stage the Great Scottish Run as planned in October. Currently, Level 0 guidance means events of the scale of the Great Scottish Run would be logistically unworkable.

“Although we do not anticipate Level 0 being in place in October, the timelines for planning and marketing the event demand much more certainty around timelines and future guidance than we currently have.

"As no cancellation insurance is currently available for large scale events, we have to make a judgement based on the information we have right now and the potential risk of having to make significant changes, or even cancelling in the future.

“We’re sorry that this means some runners will be disappointed but everyone who has already purchased a place in the event will be automatically rolled over to 2022, anyone who can’t make the 2022 date can apply for a refund.”

Runners are dismayed that, while major spectator events attended by 10s of thousands have been going ahead, races which would be held in the relative safety of an outdoor setting are unable to take place.

One disappointed Great Scottish Run participant reflected the general mood: "Folk can sit next to each other for 90 mins in a football stadium but we can't go a run in the open air. Sick of this..."

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