Stunning picture of the Monarch's Way in The Cotswolds

Tempo Events to blaze the trails

Four races to choose from in a picturesque location and all in one weekend.

Runners are invited to pick one of four races at a new trail event taking place on 13 – 14 May. 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or Ultra, the choice is yours where the aim is to go off-road in the Cotswold countryside and enjoy the view. Decisions, decisions...

Organisers Tempo Events are catering for every type of runner, from the first timer on the trails to the hardened endurance athlete looking for their next challenge. The Tempo Trail Races offer the chance to do just that with four distances held in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), all of which start from Ilmington village.

The 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon are on Sunday 14 May: Where There’s A Will There’s A Way 100K (62.90 miles) Ultra is on Saturday 13 May although participants have the option of completing the route in two days.

For those looking to switch from tarmac the Tempo Trail 10K is a good intro to this type of running. With a total ascent of 731ft, it will provide a workout and a test of your navigation skills. Navigation is required for all four races via the GPX file or map. It starts at 9.30am.

Push yourself a bit further with the Tempo Trail Half Marathon and a visually stunning course with two feed stations at mile 6 and mile 9.5. This starts at 8.30am.

Move up to 26.2 miles for the Tempo Trail Marathon which will test your fitness and stamina levels on a delightfully demanding course showcasing the best of the Cotswolds. There are four feed stations to keep you going. This race begins at 7.30am.

Last but not least is the 100K Ultra where, if the going gets tough the tough get going over one or two days whilst dealing with sore feet/legs and fatigue. It runs along some of the most attractive and difficult trails or public footpaths which include: Centenary Way, Diamond Way, Gloucester Way, Heart of England Way and Monarch’s Way. Seven feed stations, food at the end of Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2 for this one.

Mandatory kit details, camping, baggage and links to the four routes can be found at the Tempo Events website. Enter at the Tempo Events website.

May the trails be with you...

Image courtesy of Laura Watts.

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