Be part of the constellation of colour at Glasgow’s Rainbow Run

Glasgow FrontRunners are getting ready to celebrate LGBT history month at their Rainbow Run on Sunday, 17 February.

As always at the Rainbow Run, all those taking part are invited to wear fancy dress, or to wear a colour of the rainbow. For last year’s edition of the event, runners were asked to wear a coloured T-shirt according to the colour given to their birth month.

This year, runners are being asked to wear the colour given to their star sign. Aries and Virgo runners should wear red; Taurus and Leo orange; Gemini and Sagittarius yellow; Cancer and Capricorn green; Scorpio and Aquarius blue; and Libra and Pisces also green.

In honour of LGBT history month, the FrontRunners have also associated with each of these colours two LGBT activists or icons who they think have significantly influenced LGBT rights, visibility or culture in their lifetime and beyond. Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and Peter Tatchell are just three of the icons honoured in this way.

As at all FrontRunners events, the focus of this year's Rainbow Run will be on inclusivity. The club itself has strong links to Glasgow’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their friends. Everyone is invited to take part, and there will be 5k, 7.5k and 10k options to suit runners and walkers of all abilities.

Speaking about last year’s Rainbow Run, the Rainbow Relay, Richard Allwood, 2018 running events organiser at GFR, called it 'a light-hearted and energetic event', but with a bigger purpose. "It also acts as an important reminder about the importance of LGBT equality, and the need to keep this at the forefronts of minds even in Scotland, where we pride ourselves in having some of the most progressive protection laws in Europe."

The GFR 2019 Rainbow Run will start at 10am from Arc Health and Fitness at Glasgow Caledonian University and there is no entry fee.

Image: Glasgow FrontRunners

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