Girls Head For The Hills

Scotland’s only guided trail running company, designed specifically for women are hosting three events in spectacular Glencoe during 2018. Girls on Hills organise events aimed at women who want to break free from the road and take their running into the mountains.

Their guided runs take place in the Glencoe area and whether you are new to running or simply seeking a challenge, they offer wilderness and adventure in equal measure – with guided runs delivered by local and accredited guides with decades of experience in the Glencoe mountains.

The first of their guided trail running day/weekend runs will take place on 28 April, with further events planned for 30 June and 29 September. Day entry is priced at £60 while weekend entry is £100.

Beginner and intermediate options are available, and the runs will be tailored to suit the individual's pace and the size of their adventurous streak. The guides will be on hand to give tips on navigation, equipment, training, nutrition and safety for running in the mountain environment.

Routes distances will depend on the prevailing weather and runners aspirations for the day, but all participants will experience the wilderness and rugged beauty of Glencoe, taking the 'trail less travelled' through breathtaking mountain scenery.

Further information on Girls on Hills events is available on their Facebook page.

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