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Let Them Eat Cake, And Run!

There's a new cake run heading to Leeds this autumn...

Ruddy hell, there's a new event for Leeds this October, and this one promises more cake than you've ever encountered at a race. Guaranteed!

The 'Ruddy' Rothwell's Cakeathon takes place on 2 October around Rothwell Park in Leeds. It is a multi terrain event with various distances on offer, including 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, Marathon and Ultra.

This new event combines two of life's great pleasure - running and cake (in that order)! At this event runners will enjoy the cake at every possible opportunity - at the food stations, at the huge finishing table and in the 'glorious' medal which will of course capture the theme of the day.

Set in Rothwell Park, runners simply need to choose which distance they fancy. The course will comprise of a five mile loop meaning those taking part are never far from base and will feel well-supported. The route is undulating in places but race organisers say 'it will be manageable for both beginners as well as the experienced runner'.

When the racing is over, runners will be encouraged to hang around and have a chat with friends, and enjoy the post-race feast which will include a full array of cakes with an option to create your own 'cake kebab' preventing you from having to make a difficult decision and allowing you to taste several flavours! Rewards will also include a goodie bag with beer/cider or non-alcoholic drink and a chocolate medal!

If you'd like to know more visit the It's Grim Up North website here

Image: It's Grim Up North Events

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