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Get a buzz from The Running Bee Foundation’s Virtual Run

Yesterday (Wednesday 1 Apri)l The Running Bee Foundation launched their new MyFirst Virtual Mile, open to everyone and something to focus on in these uncertain times. Participants have until 30 April to complete 1 mile and will receive a medal for doing so.

The Running Bee Foundation advocates an active lifestyle and whilst there are restrictions in place regarding exercise due to coronavirus, it is possible to stay healthy and have fun without breaking the rules. This latest initiative aims to do just that.

Their new MyFirst Virtual Mile is a chance to try something different or new throughout the month of April. Participants of all ages – children as well as adults can run or walk it in one go or complete it over several sessions. Jog in the garden, on the treadmill (if they own one) or in line with the government’s recommendation on one form of exercise a day, combine it with walking the dog.

Whatever the choice of location, it is important to adhere to NHS guidelines about social distancing if exercising outside, remembering to stay at least two metres apart. This includes washing your hands after you complete your exercise.

Participants are asked to upload evidence of their completed mile and receive a MyFirst Virtual Mile medal in return.

All profits from entries will go to help communities in the North West where The Running Bee Foundation holds its events, to improve their health and wellbeing.

Enter now via The Running Bee Foundation website.

Image courtesy of Mabel Amber from Pixabay

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