Finishers T-shirt for the Virtual Kidsgrove 10K and 5K

Kick start 2021 with the Virtual Kidsgrove 10K

The 2021 event now a double header with 5K option

Kidsgrove 10K is back for 2021 and in a virtual format. Organiser Mick Hall hoped to stage a live race where runners could start en masse but uncertainty about the situation with Covid-19 and the restrictions meant a change of plan. Mick made the decision to switch to a virtual event that takes place between 7 and 11 January 2021. The event also includes a 5K.

After a stressful year in which the majority of races have been postponed or cancelled, the thought of being able to toe the line once more has kept runners motivated during their training. Positive news about vaccines and hopefully, a resumption of normal life has provided an extra boost and as 2020 draws to a close, thoughts turn to next year’s race season. 

Mick Hall took over Kidsgrove 10K from Andrew Vickerman who had delivered a successful event prior to the handover and this continued in January this year. The race passes through a residential area and is supported by the local community whose goodwill the organiser relies upon and doesn't want to endanger. Instead, it will be a virtual event with participants asked not to run an overall downhill course.

This year’s 10K saw separate races for men and women but at this virtual run, both sexes can run together albeit socially distanced and in groups of no more than 6.  

Every finisher will receive a technical T-shirt showing Covid-19 on the run (fingers crossed!) and a certificate. 

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