Brightly coloured finisher medal for March virtual 5K challenge

Stay motivated in March with a 5K every week for charity

Complete a total of 20K in this latest virtual challenge

Step Forward with Lewis has launched the first of two virtual races to keep spirits up and alleviate boredom and frustration during lockdown. Run Leader Michelle Lewis invites people to complete 5K every week during the month of March whilst helping to raise funds for Breast Friends Northamptonshire.

March is said to “Come in like a lion and leave like a lamb” which refers to cold, winter weather at the beginning of the month that changes to warmer, spring-like conditions at the end. Unsettled weather plus the pandemic and a lack of races mean things are miserable at present hence this latest virtual challenge to give people something to aim for. Plus there is a brightly coloured medal to add an extra bit of cheer. 

The challenge asks participants to run, walk, cycle or wheel 5K every week throughout March with the goal of 20K by the end of the month. There is an element of trust so participants are not required to submit evidence of their sessions; however, we live in a social media age so actively encourage photos, selfies, Strava maps etc shared on the Step Forward with Lewis Facebook page and/or discussion group. 

A percentage of every entry fee is donated to Breast Friends Northamptonshire, a support group for women dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment and follow up care. 

There are two entry options - online form or email and details about these and the challenge itself are available at the Step Forward with Lewis website.

Note: there are a limited number of places. 

Image courtesy of Step Forward with Lewis

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