Drysure Active trainer dryers

Soggy trainers a thing of the past?

Drysure has developed an inexpensive, non-electric shoe dryer that is perfect for the British winter

The current inclement weather is playing havoc with our running footwear. Just nipping out for a quick 5k can leave us with soggy trainers that are damp and unpleasant for days. Too much exposure to heat will ruin expensive items of essential equipment and stuffing shoes with a newspaper is messy, fiddly, and hardly hygienic.

Fortunately, British brand Drysure has the answer and there is currently a sale on which means you could get a pair of their simple to use, non-electric shoe dryers for around £20. These days, if we were all fair weather runners we might not get much running done at all, so once you have attended to the upper body apparel it is time to consider looking after what you put on your feet.    

Drysure came to life from a need to dry outdoor shoes fast, but without using any additional heat or electricity, which can compromise moulded insoles as well as the quality and fit of the trainer. Rather than using heat, Drysure Active boot and shoe dryers use thousands of silica gel beads that absorb moisture quickly in humid environments. 

The patented design combining a high-gloss outer shell with a carefully constructed bag of silica beads allows the dryer to effectively dry your footwear up to 12 times better than air drying. The outer shell is removable and can be hygienically cleaned in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher and the bag of beads is easily reactivated on a radiator or in the sun. 

James Robbins, Drysure CEO & Founder said: “Nobody wants to put on a pair of soggy trainers before a run, particularly knowing that they will be becoming even more smelly and a breeding ground for bacteria. Drysure shoe dryers will dry footwear 12 times faster than normal air drying, meaning the growth of bacteria and fungi is restricted – which also helps the trainers become less smelly. All in all a recipe for healthier feet and a more enjoyable time.”

There are now three sizes of Drysure Active shoe dryers for trainers and boots with standard prices ranging from £22.95 to £29.95 and they come in a dozen different colour combinations. runABC writer Alan Newman has tried a pair recently and found them to be effortless to use, efficient in drying trainers or normal shoes, and simple to reactivate on a radiator. 

For more information visit the Drysure website

Image: Drysure Active shoe dryer

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