Mizuno Wave Mujin 5

Autumn’s tough trails

The long days of summer may be behind us, but autumn can still deliver for runners. In fact, some may argue that nothing beats the feeling of taking to the trails on a crisp and sunny autumn day. Conditions can change though and it is wise to be prepared.

To coin that well-used phrase, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. And never a truer word is spoken when it comes to trail running.

The number one thing to consider is shoes and if you are a runner that wants to take on the toughest trails you should take a look at Mizuno’s Wave Mujin 5. The most protective and stable running shoe in Mizuno’s trail range it is the perfect solution for runners who frequently push themselves to the limit.

The shoe provides ample cushioning, durable design, and a host of other features that help it stand apart from the competition. Diamond shaped lugs and a Michelin rubber outsole provide superior traction, and along with the sock-like upper protect your foot from trail debris.

If you are looking for a supportive shoe that performs well on a variety of terrains then really, look no further.

More information at the Mizuno website.

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