Snow problem: top 10s for Scots at Patagonian champs

All three Scottish members of team GB and NI competing in this weekend’s prestigious mountain running events in Patagonia, Argentina, made the top 10 in their respective races.

Andy Douglas, who claimed top honors in the World Mountain Running Association World Cup last month, finished seventh in the first event on Friday, the World Mountain Running Championships.

Running a tough 14km course with 754m of ascent in difficult conditions, European individual and team gold medal winner Jacob Adkin, the second man home for Team GB and NI, finished just behind Douglas in eighth. Adkin finished sixth in the World Mountain Running Championships in Andorra last year.

Douglas’ and Adkin’s runs, along with that of their third man, the 27th-placed Joe Steward, led Team GB and NI to finish fifth in the team competition.

After having brilliant results in the hills this year, both Adkin and Douglas are in the running for scottishathletics’ FPSG Scottish athlete of the year award, the winner of which will be revealed later this week.

On Saturday, Charlotte Morgan represented Scotland in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, the second Patagonian race of the weekend. In 2018, the FPSG master's athlete of the year won the women’s division of the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships in Poland. This year, however, the Carnethy Hill Runner had to settle for seventh place.

The first of the Team GB and NI runners to come home, Morgan finished the 41.5km course with 2184m of climbing in just under four hours.

Image: Charlotte Morgan, from Jacob Akin (Twitter)

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