Wineathlon returns to Yorkshire

Following our story about a Greggs-themed running challenge, we thought it only fair to cover one of the UK’s other great sporting pastimes, running and drinking wine.

Next month (Saturday 22 September) will see Team OA host the next installment of their very popular Wineathlon in Huddersfield. Competitors have to tackle six miles with the added advantage (or hindrance) of encountering three separate wine spots.

The six-mile mixed terrain run contains three separate wine stations, offering samples of red, rosé and white wine for those involved. The genesis of the event is said to be from the Medoc Marathon in south west France, which hosts a 26.2-mile race each year and boasts a remarkable 23 separate wine stops across the course.

Organisers Team OA are known for their innovative events in and around the country. Their portfolio includes Man v Barge, a challenge that pits runners against a canal barge travelling from Marsden to Diggle, and the Chocathlon, a 9k run featuring feed stations stocked with chocolates.

Entries for the Wineathlon are still open. Registration is priced at just £20. Entry is available here.

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