CanO Water in use at Winchester 10K

Plastic – can we ditch it? Yes we can!

The team that organises the Winchester 10K – Challenging Events – are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic waste that is adversely impacting our world but their chosen solution was rather late in the day.

Winchester 10K took place last month and with over 1,800 runners entered the organisers were proactively searching for a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles of water for each runner.

There were 1,547 thirsty finishers out on the course for up to two hours including race winners Riccardo Rubini (Southampton AC, 32:58) and Gemma Russhard (Lymington Tri, 39:14). Riccardo and Gemma were among the first to sample Challenging Events' last minute solution to the plastic problem that was only reached with three days to spare.

CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic bottles. The aluminium cans contain natural spring water and the water is kept naturally cool for the runners by the properties of the metal can. The average aluminium can is made from 68% total recycled content and recycled cans can be back in circulation within 60 days.

It was a huge logistical mission to get 2,000 cans of water from the CanO Water warehouse in North London to the event in Winchester in two days but with both companies sharing the same values about the environment they pulled out all the stops to make it happen.

Kelly Wickens, event director said: “It is the first time Winchester 10K has been plastic bottle free at the finish line. We hope to have set the trend and other event organisers will follow suit. We are very conscious about the impact we have on the environment around us and are really proud to be making a difference.”

After the race the team separated the waste and ensured the cans were recycled again. Winchester 10K returns on 23 February 2020 and Challenging Events hope to have also found a solution for the water station on the course. CanO Water have now developed a resealable and refillable can for runners to grab and carry with them.

Seems that when there is a 'can do' attitude there is a solution to plastic pollution!

Images courtesy Challenging Events/Winchester 10K

CanO Water recycled at Winchester 10K

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