Soaked but happy runners

Collect ‘run miles’ in September on this virtual world tour

Six stages, one month to Run The World.

Air travel is still subject to restrictions but there are no such worries in the month-long Run The World, organised by Leicester Marathon. The goal is to run as many miles as possible to get around the globe and receive a medal featuring well-known landmarks. Thankfully, there is no need to quarantine at the end!

Thousands of runners across the UK will complete thousands of miles, pounding the pavements or tackling the trails throughout September with a shared goal to support main charity partner LOROS Hospice. There are six stages on this journey and themed runs, fun/unusual facts and challenges to mix things up a bit as runners from Leicester and further afield track their progress and reap the rewards on the way.

As is the case in Tesco’s slogan 'Every Little Helps', every mile counts on this adventure open to individuals and groups who together, aim to run around the world. They will visit famous cities including Paris, Rome, Sydney and New York and iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Serengeti National Park and The White House amongst many others as they notch up the ‘run miles’. 

The booking process is straightforward. Register then connect your Garmin or Strava account and record every mile and monitor your progress on an interactive map. There is an inter-club competition for Leicestershire-based clubs who can see how far they have gone and equally if not more important, which club has run the furthest.

The journey begins on 1 September and ends on 30 September. Enter now at the Run The World website.

Image courtesy: Leicester Marathon

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