18th century Chillington Hall to host a 12 hour Backyard Ultra

Play it cool at new Chillington Hall Backyard Ultra

A 12 hour test of endurance, tactics and a ‘never say die’ mentality!

Run a 4 mile lap within an hour, rest then repeat over 12 hours at the Chillington Hall Backyard Ultra – a new event which is a little bit different from the norm. Stay on your feet for 12 hours and be the ‘last man or woman’ standing and the overall winner.

The Chillington Hall Backyard Ultra from Gator Events takes place on Saturday 20 August in the elegant surroundings of Chillington Hal. This Georgian country house and Estate lies near to the Staffordshire/Shropshire border and is hired for weddings, private and charity events and also used as a film location. 

It will play host to an endurance event this August where runners of all speeds will discover how far they can go in the 12 hour timescale. Starting at 9am, they complete a lap which is a little over 4 miles and ensure they are back and ready to go again for the next lap. In an hour.  

Run, recover and repeat. The quicker you finish a lap the more time to have to rest before the next.

This doesn’t sound too bad; however, as fatigue sets in, the lap times begin to slow and the rest period shortens, leaving little room for error. Stay within the hour and remain in the ultra until the end and 50 miles where the winner will receive the Chillington 12 trophy. If two runners are left, it will be decided by first over the finish line. 

The question every runner will ask themselves is can they run one more lap...

Information and booking details are available at the Gator Events website.         

Image courtesy of Gator Events.

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