Tag Team Trail Race

Tag, You're It!

Experience this unique tag team event in Leeds' Bramley Hall Park this spring...

Who doesn't love a game of 'tag'? Relive your primary school days at Great Owl Running's Tag-Team Trail Race with the unique event taking place in Bramley Fall Park on 4 May. Not quite a game of tag, the event is more akin to a relay race with the option to run solo, as a duo or in a team of three.

Race action consists of three laps of the 4.4K course. A Tag Team is a pair (or trio) of runners who race as a team, taking the course alternately. One team member cannot start until the other ‘tags’ on finishing their first lap. If a team of two then Runner A runs lap one, Runner B runs lap two and lap three can be run by either or both runners together. Organisers told us: "With half of the field waiting for their partner and cheering everyone on at the tag area this is a great social event for both fast and slow runners!"

Starting at the Abbey Inn on Pollard Lane, the event takes in some of the best park trails that Leeds has to offer. It is a meandering course through Bramley Fall Park, one of Leeds best kept secrets!

Organisers say: "This course at this time of year is very likely to be muddy, we’d like to recommend all runners wear appropriate footwear. We would also recommend some warm clothing for the parts where you are waiting for your partner!"

All finishers receive complimentary soup at the end of the race. Medals and t-shirts are sold as optional extras upon entry, organisers say: "This is to to reduce our impact on our environment, and to make our races more affordable for everyone."

If you'd like to know more, visit the Tag Team Trail Race website.

Image: Great Owl Running Facebook

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