Hare & Tortoise 5K & 10K Technical T-shirt

Any pace wins the race in virtual Hare & Tortoise 10K & 5K

New event to raise funds for two Staffordshire charities

Runners of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in the Hare & Tortoise 5K & 10K, a new virtual race from Gator Events. Fast or slow, the pace is up to the individual as they run their chosen distance between 15 and 20 April whilst helping local charities. 

The event was created on behalf of the Lou Macari Centre in Stoke and House of Bread in Stafford, two charities that provide support to the homeless and vulnerable people in these areas. They are safe environments for anyone in need and their services much in demand – more so in this global pandemic. £1 from each entry fee will be donated to either of these two causes. 

The Tortoise and the Hare is one of the best-known of Aesop’s fables that are about human nature and with a moral message. In this fable, the hare’s overconfidence is its undoing. It challenges the tortoise to a race, speeds ahead from the start and then, convinced it will win, has a quick nap during the race. The tortoise continues at the same pace, passes the sleeping hare and crosses the finish line to become the winner. 

The moral of the story is ‘slow and steady wins the race’. 

Participants can decide to be a tortoise or a hare in regards to their run which must be completed as a single session. Stopping for a snooze is optional...   

This is undertaken on a day and at a time to suit the individual but everyone is asked not to run an overall downhill course. A certificate will be emailed to every finisher and bright technical T-shirt sent in the post. 

Enter the Hare & Tortoise 5K & 10K via the Gator Events website.

Image courtesy of Gator Events

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