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#RunSome launched to make us think

Can you run some (or all) of your daily journey?

You may not have heard of #RunSome yet but you have almost certainly taken part and promoted many of the principles of this brand new campaign. So what exactly is #RunSome?

In their own words, taken from the website: “We're a new campaign coalition of running enthusiasts, brands, clubs, tribes and organisations that's growing by the day. Our goal is to inspire more of us – whoever we are, whatever we look like – to #RunSome everyday journeys, errands and commutes."

If we think back to the early days of the Coronavirus lockdown, our running routines changed beyond recognition as essential local journeys were combined with daily exercise periods to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, while addressing our basic health and welfare needs.

The lead organisations for #RunSome are Runner's World magazine and Active Things – who have done a remarkable job mapping running routes, showers, cafes, water drinking fountains, and handwashing facilities throughout London.

#RunSome suggests a simple, three-step approach to get more of us out of our cars and off public transport to free up the roads and passenger space for those key workers who really need it. The process is to pick an everyday journey, errand, or commute; run it – or some of it; now share it to inspire others to #RunSome too. It's that simple!

It is estimated that 250,000 of us run everyday journeys in the UK. #RunSome aims to double that, at least. It doesn't have to be very far or very fast. It just has to be run, at your own pace. #RunSome is hoping to spread the love of running by adopting the universal COVID-secure thumbs-up salute to fellow runners – just to acknowledge that we are doing our bit together to make our communities happier and healthier. 

So have a think. Can you run some of your daily commute or other everyday journeys? To the shop, to see a friend or just to post a letter? Every time we make that choice we are helping the environment and ourselves – best of all we'll arrive happier, healthier, and feeling good.  

For full details and to sign up to help make a difference visit #RunSome here

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