Run In Red event to mark the new Lincoln City Half Marathon

Weekend fun on red themed runs

Red runs start the countdown to the 2021 Lincoln City Half Marathon

Red was the colour for runners who took to the streets at the weekend (19 and 20 September) to mark what would have been the first Lincoln City Half Marathon now re-arranged for 2021 due to the coronavirus. They joined the online campaign to ‘Run In Red’.

The Lincoln City Foundation in partnership with Curly’s Athletes was ready to introduce the new Half Marathon on Sunday 20 September. Unfortunately the changing situation regarding Covid-19 and the scale of the event led to the decision to postpone. Organisers reckoned the raft of measures required would impact negtively on the race experience.

All was not lost as they came up with a way to commemorate the race and in reference to Lincoln City FC’s home team kit, with red as the theme. Titled ‘Run In Red’, it invited people to join the Half Marathon team and choose their own route/s and distance with options to walk or jog as well as run. Images and selfies were required as proof of wearing something red and posted on social media using the hashtags #RunInRed and #ImpsHalf2020. 

The organisers automatically transferred this year’s entries to 2021 and are focusing their energies on next year with the aim of delivering an inclusive and enjoyable half marathon. Their long term goal is to see the race become a regular event in the area. 

The 2021 Lincoln City Half Marathon will be held on 19 September. For more information about the postponement, transferring an entry or moving to another race, visit the event website.

Image courtesy: Curly’s Athletes

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