Run For All Campaign For Clean Air Day

Running Campaign For Cleaner Air

Runners are asked to leave the car at home and run to work today ((Thursday 21 June) on Clean Air Day. If you haven't started your journey them lace up your trainers and join the anti-pollution revolution.

This week Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All are leading the fight for better air quality in the UK. Their campaign began with members of staff running to work on Monday and the bipedal commute has continued the rest of this week. Their challenge culminates with a mass run on Clean Air Day in conjunction with workplaces across the country to highlight the problems of poor air quality.

A report published in 2016 suggests that air pollution contributes to 40,000 deaths each year in the UK. Poor air quality also causes serious health conditions including asthma, heart disease, lung cancer and strokes. There are numerous causes of air pollution, for example emissions from cars and other vehicles which are having a negative effect on the nation’s health.

However, there are ways to improve air quality such as running or walking to work instead of driving, minimising the use of wood burning stoves and open fires and switching to renewable energy sources.

The Run For All team have been joined by Tommo, the Jane Tomlinson Appeal mascot to promote the benefits of run-commuting while raising awareness of this serious issue. They are also holding a competition where runners will win free entry to a 10K of their choice.

For more information, visit the Run For All website.

Image courtesy of Run For All.

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