Racing like a train at the Speedway 10K

Swiftly does it at the Speedway 10K

This was quick fire racing in perfect conditions.

Teeth were gritted, lungs were burning and PB’s were smashed as a top quality field showed their class at Sunday’s (23 January) Speedway 10K. There was a generous prize list as well as personal targets to aim for and they had the ideal course in which to do so. 

The saying ‘Go big or go home’ applies to this race where talented club runners looking to move up to the next level in competition and improve their times; push to their limits and beyond. It differs from other races in that male and female entrants are approved based upon their speed and if they make the cut they are allocated a place.  

Their test ground was a very flat and fast two lap course in Beachley, Chepstow that was chip timed and had a single water station but apart from that, no frills, i.e. goody bags. There was a warm up track to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up before the start at 11am. 

They streamed away at 11am, taking advantage of the fast course and weather to perform to a high standard. 

Phil Norman of Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies sped over the finish line to win the Speedway 10K in 29:11. Joshua Griffiths of Swansea Harriers was close behind in 29:14 followed by Jonathan Cornish of Hercules Wimbledon AC in 29:22. The top 11 finishers were all sub-30. 

Alex Eykelbosch of Derby AC was the fastest woman in 33:31: Clara Evans of Cardiff AAC the second fastest in 33:44 and Elle Twentyman of Taunton AC third fastest in 33:49. 

To give you an idea of the calibre of the field... the last runner finished in 42:31. 

Image courtesy of Tom Craggs.

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