Grim Whatever The Weather Medal

IGUN’s new virtual event is a run for all seasons

Limited edition medals for spring, summer, autumn and winter

Runners are a hardy lot and will knock out the miles come rain or come shine. What better way to highlight this dedication to duty than a new virtual race from It’s Grim Up North Running (IGUN) with medals to collect during 2021. Grim Whatever the Weather is a challenge for the four seasons...

The Great British Weather is known for its unpredictability and as runners, we adapt to its changing moods that appear to be more extreme possibly due to climate change. Snow and ice; a heatwave; rain, strong winds and anything else Mother Nature throws at us doesn’t stop the desire to get outside and complete our session whilst battling the elements. 

Another aspect is seeing the seasons change as the year unfolds. This new event from IGUN is a celebration of this constant cycle with a medal and optional T-shirt for of the four seasons. Participants sign up and agree to run 20K each season and receive their goodies in return. There are 100 Limited Edition medals per season. 

As this is a virtual event, participants complete the 20K on a course of their own choosing whilst remembering to adhere to government guidelines regarding outdoor exercise. 

Anyone who enters before the end of January will be put into a draw for an original artwork featuring the IGUN running man and his canine companion, framed and signed by their resident artist. 

Enter this new virtual event via the It’s Grim Up North Running website.

Image courtesy of It’s Grim Up North Running

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