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Tunnel 10K action on the promenade

The Mersey Tunnel 10K

The Mersey Tunnel 10K is back again for the 14th year on Sunday 14 April and once again runners will be presented with the annual opportunity to run through the Kingsway Tunnel from Liverpool to Wirral.

This unique race has the first 3K inside the Tunnel which has an amazing descent of around 1.5K and then a challenging ascent to the other side of the River Mersey - with runners reappearing in the heart of Birkenhead's dockland.

There's just a short hop to one of the famous River Mersey Ferry Terminals where runners hit the promenade which runs through to New Brighton and views of the imposing Liverpool skyline.

It's a fast and flat second half to the race with a grandstand finish on Ian Fraser Walk.

It's a point to point race but with easy train links just across the way from the finish line it's a short train ride back to Liverpool as you look back on an amazing 10K route which is quite unlike any other!

New Brighton is a fantastic place to visit especially after a frantic 10K with lots of opportunities to relax and relive what can only be described as a very special occasion.


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