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Magic radio DJ Tom Price has dreams of being a ‘Lego-treader’. Intrigued? Read on...

Who is Tom Price?
An actor, comedian and DJ living in London with my wife and three children (one of whom is a dog called Polly).

When did you first start running, and why?
I turned 21 and was advised to get some exercise – I’ll be honest – for my mental health. Those early days as a comic were tough. Lots of time on my hands, lots of nervous energy, very little money. Running was cheap, and took the edge off a fizzing brain. The sight of me running in a hoodie and jeans probably got some of my biggest laughs at that stage in my comedy career.

Was there a goal?
To run for 10 minutes without stopping. I can still remember the route – up Camden Road... then back down Camden Road. It exhausted me and I couldn’t see how I’d ever run for longer. Then slowly, I began to realise if I pushed myself I might one day make it to Holloway Road. These are the dreams runners live for, right?

Have you taken part in any events?
Two Vitality British 10K runs and both times I was blown away by the whole experience. Crowds cheering you on as you run through beautiful parts of London like The Strand and Trafalgar Square. It’s incredible. You feel like you’re flying. On my second outing I wanted to beat my time of 49:52. I really went for it, trained hard, ate well, slept well, ran well – and I managed to come in at 49:52. I can only apologise to those near me when my time came through on my phone!

Do you parkrun?
There’s a junior parkrun near us, and I often take one of the kids along on a Sunday morning. He loves it even though he moans for most of the 2km about going so fast his ‘head might fall off’.

Do you have a favourite distance?
I enjoy running between 60 and 90 minutes. It’s hard to get away for longer because we have hideously young children. Maybe I should go out before they wake up. This would mean going for a run at 4am. I’ll let you know how that maps out.

Fancy a marathon?
Every year after London Marathon I see runners getting off the tube near me walking as though they’re treading on Lego. For some reason one day I too want to be a lego-treader. What kind of person has running turned me into?

How do you find time to train?
With great difficulty. I’m terrible at managing my time so it usually gets to a random spot on a random day and I suddenly realise that I’m looking at the perfect run window. And then I’m out the house in 10 minutes flat. Once I’ve untangled my headphones.

What do you love about running?
The freedom to go anywhere, the simplicity of it, and the fact I can eat what I like without any (much) guilt.

Piece of kit you couldn’t do without?
I have my Apple Watch on the whole time. It has useful features, sure, but mainly it makes me feel like I’m in the future when I answer a call.

Cross-training, are you a swimmer, yogi, cyclist?
I swim like a dog being forced into a bath. I’d like to try yoga one day (which probably means I’ll never get round to it), and I’d quite like to get one of those electric bikes. Does that count?

Post race treat?
All the burgers. All of them.

Top running tip?
The first few minutes of a run affect how the rest of it will go. If you’re zen and relaxed for that, you’ll have a good one. It’s so true. Also: you never regret a run.

Last September (2017) Tom Price became the weekend breakfast show host on Magic Radio (6am-10am)

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