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Liverpool Women's 10K Is Back!

A Liverpool classic will make its return to the city in September 2024...

We unashamedly stay on Merseyside again today and with BTR Liverpool as we've heard a rumour and it is a very exciting one... The Liverpool Women's 10K will be staging a comeback in 2024 and entries are officially open! Yes, the famed Merseyside event will return on 8 September with race organisers BTR Liverpool delighted with their decision, Alan Rothwell commented: "We can't wait to bring back one of Liverpool's most popular running events."

Back in the 1980's Liverpool City Council was a leader in the creation and development of women's running, London Marathon and the Great North Run had quickly established themselves as challenging distance events but were attracting mainly men.

Women's participation in running events was in its infancy and at the time there were just two women only races hosted in Dublin and Glasgow which were flourishing. Liverpool City Council seized the initiative and brought the Women's 10K to the city and it was an immediate success.

It was a race of its time - and it stood the test of time - until the running market began to change in the mid 1990's. Women were becoming less intimidated by male dominated races and started to take part in open category events - not to challenge the men but to run alongside on an equal footing. The downside to this was that the 'women only' events were losing their appeal and over time participation numbers continued to drop. 

Alan Rothwell picks up the story: "In recent years there has been a resurgence in women only events and once again Scotland is taking the lead by hosting 10K races in Glasgow and Edinburgh. So Liverpool is stepping up  to bring back its very own Women's 10K once again.

"The original Women's 10K took place in Sefton Park so it seems only right to reinstate this fantastic event in its natural home."

Further details will be revealed over the coming months, you can keep an eye on things over on the BTR Liverpool website or if you'd like to you can enter here.

Image: BTR Liverpool

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