Charity runner at a RunThrough event

Join this revolutionary run for charity at the Virtual Marathon Majors

Athens, Berlin, London, Sydney, New York and Tokyo are the locations for RunThrough's Virtual Marathon Majors series

And now for a run that is completely different... The Virtual Marathon Majors is a new concept that offers a variety of challenges whilst helping charities affected by the coronavirus outbreak. There is the opportunity to compete against the world’s top athletes or set a new marathon world record.

Organisers RunThrough created this unique event to appeal to runners who enjoy virtual races but want a change from the usual format. As the current situation evolves, virtual running needs to do the same to maintain its appeal and this new event is a step in the right direction.    

In this virtual series, participants complete the marathon distance in one go or over the course of the month and on their own, with a friend or a group. There are six marathons to choose from: Run Athens, Run Berlin, Run London, Run Sydney, Run New York and Run Tokyo.

Each of the Marathon Majors has its own individual challenge specific to that location. For example, Run Berlin requires participants to run two half marathons in a month or pair up with friend and each run a half marathon on the same day. There is the option to run the full marathon on 27 September. 

Whatever participants opt for, their finish times will be added to the Virtual Marathon Majors leader board where they can see how they compare against the big names in the sport over the years. There is a medal for each individual marathon that together form a ‘mega medal’ and a goody bag.

At the centre of this virtual event are charities that have seen a drop in income as a result of the pandemic allied to a growing need for their services. This series is fundraising for all of them and will continue to do so even if things start to return to normal and mass participation events go ahead.  

Register now and become part of the revolution for change and charity.  Visit the Virtual Marathon Majors website.

Image courtesy: RunThrough

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