parkrun uk return

It's back baby!

parkrun confirms return in England

It’s back! The much anticipated return of parkrun has now been confirmed for 26 June in England (subject to Government communications on Monday 14 June). There were collective whoops of delight as parkrun UK announced the return of the much loved weekly 5k and even a few tears of emotion as the return of parkrun signals a huge step forward out of the pandemic and into the light.

Whilst the announcement refers to parkruns in England, the events are due to return in Scotland just one week later (3 July) and, with this announcement, that return date looks increasingly likely.

parkrun UK has been cautious and has always maintained that parkrun could only return when a critical mass of landowners gave the necessary permissions for that return.  The risk of some local parkruns being overwhelmed where neighbouring events had not returned was simply too great.

parkrun UK's Twitter feed over the last few weeks gave a real clue to its return as more and more tweets fed through with notification of landowner permissions but runners remained on tenterhooks. Let's face it, we've all become accustomed to disappointment over the last year or so!

We now know it's really happening so go find your barcode, dust off your parkrun tee and get ready for 3 July. Today really is a good day!

Read the full parkrun UK statement here

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