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Beat treadmill boredom with these fat busting workouts

Many serious runners use a treadmill for its numerous training benefits and flexibility. It keeps you out of the winter chill, lashing rain, blizzards and more. For this reason, it’s easy to log a decent number of miles on the treadmill during the winter, and the biggest complaint is treadmill running boredom.

If you’re used to running outside with different scenery, wildlife or people passing your running shoes, you might find the treadmill a monotonous task. There are the obvious distractions to try, such as keeping a fresh playlist of music, listening to a podcast or audiobook, and watching TV while you run.

Aside from distracting yourself from the effort of running, a better tactic is to focus on why you’re on the treadmill in the first place! Focussing on your workout and pushing your training up a gear is a much more effective way of passing the time quickly. Concentrate on your breathing, stride length, speed and the intensity of your workout and the time will run away...

Pyramid Workout

Time flies by during this workout because you have to focus on the timing. After a 5 minute jog to get you warmed up, run at a fast pace (5k pace) for 1 minute, then take it back down to a jog for 1 minute to recover. Repeat the process but this time run at a fast pace and recover for 2 minutes.

Continue adding a minute of fast paced running after each 2-minute recovery period, you can climb up as many as you like but remember you have to come back down the pyramid! A good starting point is to go up to 5 minutes fast pace running before coming back down with 4 minutes and so on, ending with a few minutes cool down.

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a fat burning miracle workout but it also takes up a lot of concentration! Using short bursts of really intense exercise, pushing you to your limits, followed by periods of rest really does make the time disappear!

This HIIT workout uses incline to challenge your fitness level and train different muscles as you go. Start with a 10 minute warm up jog at a 1% incline. Take the incline up to 2% this time and train in 4 minute intervals of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. For the second interval of 4 minutes repeat the process at a 3% incline, and again at 3% incline. Finish it off with a 5-minute cool down.

Using speed and incline for intensity and regularly playing around with the settings or benefiting from innovative coaching technology which does it all for you such as the in-house developed coaching tech iFit included in all NordicTrack’s latest fitness machines helps you to challenge yourself and keep treadmill workouts fresh and interesting. Follow these workouts and create your own variations of them to stay motivated on the treadmill and see a bigger afterburn!


XThe NordicTrack Incline model

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